Our Services

Banking Sector

The proper installation of bank video surveillance system can help to deter robberies, or—in a worst case scenario—provide important images and evidence to law enforcement.

Shopping malls

Proper placement of surveillance cameras in a Shopping malls will help detect suspicious activity, giving security officers a chance to investigate the crime.


In today’s increase in global security threat, the requirement for robust security measures on public transport across Nigeria with millions of passengers carried daily has never been greater.

Education Institute

Maintaining tight security in school settings is of very crucial to ensure the safety of students and faculty. Violence in schools has become a real threat, and shouldn’t be ignored.

City Public Area

Installing the surveillance camera on the City Public Area goes a long way to document criminal acts, protect the public, locate flash-points and deter crime.

Real Estate

Improve your commercial property security by installing a surveillance system to monitor your property while away.


We design custom surveillance solutions to help improve operations and customer service as well as prevent illegal activity in hospitality industries.

Law Enforcement

A law enforcement are the targets of the enemy, so installing the surveillance camera goes a long way to protects both the personnel and the equipment.

Telecom and Media

has been a growing need on the part of all Telecom & Media industries to ensure effective protection of it’s personnel’s and equipment’s.